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Electric sightseeing car battery maintenance must learn six tricks.

Although electric sightseeing vehicles are more efficient in energy conservation   environmental protection, this safety common sense is also an essential knowledge in life:

1, battery selection: Zhongke Kumen's sightseeing car battery (good sealing,   easy to leak electrolyte), followed by lithium battery (large electrical capacity, low self-consumption, small pollution), to prevent electrolyte leakage caused by pollution, corrosion   injury.

2, electric vehicle charger originality: electric car manufacturers equipped with chargers generally have personalized design needs, electricity to use a special charger. Because the battery formula   process is different, the technical requirements of the charger is   the same, which kind of charger charge what brand of battery can be filled, are   the same, so, do   mix the charger. If the mileage requirement is longer   you must have multiple trojan batteries for off-site charging, you should have multiple full batteries ready. There are some electric sightseeing vehicle stoue supply voltage reached   even higher than 36 volts, exceeding the safety voltage threshold, prone to electric shock accidents, so take extra care.

3, the correct protection of electric car chargers: the general instructions for use have instructions on the protection of chargers. Many users do   have the habit of reading the instruction manual, often in addition to the problem only after thinking of looking for the instruction manual to see, often it is too late, so it is very necessary to look at the instruction manual first. In addition, chargers are generally   placed in the trunk   basket of electric bicycles. In special cases, must be moved, but also to the charger with foam packaging, to prevent vibration bumps. Many chargers after vibration, its internal potential will drift, causing the entire parameters to drift, resulting in an abnormal charging state. Often check the circuit contact points, to prevent contact is   secure, causing connection, contact fire, heating;

4, electric vehicles to charge correctly: charging the battery will run out of flammable gas, so charging must   be in the storage room, basement   other narrow, sealed environment, to prevent the production of explosive mixtures. Electric vehicles need to maintain the ventilation of the charger when charging, otherwise   only affect the life of the charger, but also may affect the charging state of heat drift. This can damage the battery. Therefore, it is also very important to ensure that the bad situation when charging. Charge frequently when the electric vehicle battery is   full, leaving the battery in a shallow cycle   extending the battery life. Some early users thought that the battery to be basically used after charging, this view is wrong, lead-acid battery memory benefits are   so strong. The effect of regular lying on the life of the battery is relatively large. Most chargers may charge 97% to 99% of the battery after the light lights indicate full charge. Although only undercharge 1% to 3% of the charge, the impact on the ability to continue can almost ignore, but also the formation of undercharge accumulation, so the battery charged after the electricity change lamp   as far as possible to continue floating charging, to inhibit battery vulcanization is also beneficial.

5, electric vehicles timely charging: electric vehicles after driving to recharge in a timely manner, battery discharge after the start of the vulcanization process, in 12 hours, there is a clear vulcanization. Timely charging, can remove   serious vulcanization, if   timely charging, these vulcanized crystals will accumulate   gradually form a large crystal, the general charger of these large crystallization is powerless, will gradually form a reduction in battery capacity, shorten the battery life. Therefore, in addition to daily charging, but also to note that after use to charge as early as possible, as much as possible to keep the battery full. But if the quality is poor   long-term use, the temperature of the charger is often very high, easy to cause fire, so at night sleep time charging should   be taken lightly.

6, to develop some good habits of power saving: in the start of electric vehicles as far as possible to use coasting, to prevent the start of excessive current, machine parts for a long time overload work, causing motor coils, lines, batteries   governor of the overheating damage,   even lead to disasters. If you go downhill, use early power to slow down as much as possible. Enter the taxi ahead when you are about to encounter a traffic light, limiting the brakes. When start-up, adding riding assistance   only increases the start-up speed, but also reduces battery power loss   life damage. Pay attention to check the tire pressure, summer can be appropriately lower, other seasons can be higher, tire pressure is higher than power saving.

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