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Rv Maintenance Must know the RV battery maintenance method before travel.

Motorhome, a simple word, but can always trigger a chain reaction, let us think of camping bonfires, pure fields, rough barbecue, a time, the heart full of beautiful reverie about nature; They go on the road with their own brilliant dreams   visions,   those who are either bulky   light,   comfortable   luxurious rvs become the most loyal rides around,   the homes that wander together on the road.

During the holiday, bring family, about friends to travel together, do   have to queue for security checks, do   check luggage, do   drown in the holiday travel flow, pack up, drive on the RV, everything in their own hands. In the happy travel at the same time, but also pay attention to the safety   security of the problem, the following by professional technicians on your motorhome for professional inspection, teach you the most easy to learn the rv maintenance knowledge.

Rv battery.

1, RV pump.

Pumps play an important role in rvcamping life   are prone to failure source in the most unexpected situations. The motorhome's water supply system consists of a water purification tank, plastic   copper pipes, pumps, ash tanks   drain valves. In fact, the pumps used by any model of motorhome are roughly the same. Most of the RV on the market is equipped with Shurflo 12-volt DC pump, even if the RV after entering the camp, connected to 120 volts AC power, rv transformer will convert it into 12 volts of DC for internal recycling.

When the tap is on, the water pipe receives a preset pressure signal of 30 pounds per square foot   begins water work; If the water pump emits noise   vibration outside of normal operation, mostly due to the use of hard connectiondevices such as copper pipes, the owner may consider replacing it with a hose. To reduce the noise of the pump, it can be mounted on a rubber mat   silencer board. Most of the RV on the market is equipped with Shurflo 12-volt DC pump, even if the RV after entering the camp, connected to 120 volts AC power, rv transformer will convert it into 12 volts of DC for internal recycling.

Items for the self-test of a water pump failure:

Whether there is residual water in the water tank, the accumulation of these water stains, will interfere with the normal operation of the water meter to some extent, the fuse should be checked regularly to ensure the normal connection of the water pump to the power supply, regularly check the connection between the battery   electrical appliances to the water pump, check the wire situation regularly to avoid power failure   short circuit, when the water supply is abnormal, can check that its rubber diaphragm is blocked   cracked. This procedure can be achieved by removing three screws   the pump box, opening the shut-off valve   checking that the water supply pipe connected between the water purification tank   the pump is open.

2, RV refrigerator.

This is a place to store gourmet food, cool   delicious drinks, children's favorite ice cream. But RV refrigerators   home refrigerators are two different things,   they work differently   are far   being kept away. Rv refrigerators in particular require the owner's "care". Typically, RV refrigerator failures come   liquid propane gas systems, but at the same time AC   DC systems can also cause abnormalities in rvrefrigerator refrigerators.

According to the following self-test procedures, the owner can easily diagnose the fault of the RV refrigerator,   one by one to eliminate. First, open the refrigerator to check the operation of the power source,   secondly, check the operation of the liquid propane gas detector to ensure that the propane gas   the unit in the refrigerator connection is smooth. Typically, liquid propane gas detectors are installed near the floor of the kitchen area. Check the liquid propane gas tank. Liquid propane tanks are usually installed behind the door of the rv entrance   are   locked to facilitate the release of propane gas in emergency situations. Check the valve. Open the refrigerator vent cover, find the valve,   check it.

Check the power supply for operation. Turn ingest the refrigerator, self-diagnosis device will display the word "LP (propane)", in a few seconds, the self-diagnosis device display corner will appear a flashing dot, if the switch is on shore, the display will appear "AC (air conditioning)" words, the same, within a few seconds, the self-diagnosis device display corner will appear a flashing dot.

3, RV air conditioning.

Normally, a routine check of RV air conditioning, including filters, air conditioning enclosures, etc., is carried out before you start camping in the RV. Experts recommend turning on the air conditioner   debugging to ensure that the RV air conditioning can be confirmed to use.

First, check the air conditioning filter. If the filter is made of foam, remove   clean it,   if the RV air conditioner uses a disposable filter, replace it immediately. Second, carefully check the air conditioning components   the case, once found that the air conditioning shell appears loose   cracked, air conditioning warm drying   other functions will be out of order. Next, look at the condenser blades of the air conditioner to ensure that the blades do   bend. Generally speaking, condenser blades do   have to be replaced   time to time,   the price of replacement blades is sufficient to buy a new air conditioner, so replacement blades are   recommended. Finally, clean the air-conditioned case. Try to remove dirt attached to the surface.

4, RV awning.

It is well known that the rv awning first function is to block the sun, hot summer, even in the absence of shade, rv use of awning will naturally block you   the sun, bring silk cool. RV awnings experienced the summer wind   sun, rain erosion, so, in the season, before travel awningself inspection is also very important. Experienced car owners will first spread the tarpaulin, with a soft brush ( dry mop, sponge, etc.) for preliminary cleaning,   then with a good special cleaning agent to brush the front of the sunshade, roll up for a few minutes, then expand, rinse with clean water, dry, roll up   collect. At the same time, the hardware part of the awning for targeted inspection,   then to the buttons, handles   knobs, such as oil, oil to avoid falling on the awning cloth.

Note: Thoroughly flushing off the cleaner is important for the restoration of the awning waterproof function   must be treated with caution.

5, in-house gas facilities.

This is an important aspect of safety in the rv. Close all gas valves   switches before travel: if heating is required during the journey, turn on the gas regulator   heating gas valve; If there are changes to the gas facilities, immediately ask the professional repair plant for inspection.

If equipped with multiple gas equipment, then each equipment must have a separate valve, temporarily unused equipment should close the valve; check the sealing of the gas pipeline, the pipe must   have cracks   pores;

6, RV brakes   axles.

The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic brake system, i.e. a motorhome using ethylene glycol brake oil (DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1) needs to pay special attention to the use time, as this brake oil is moisture-absorbing   absorbs moisture   the air during use. Air humidity directly affects the boiling point of brake oil, resulting in brake failure, especially when driving on heavy drag shosor   rough mountain roads, when the brake strain is the most likely to go wrong. If some parts are found to be worn   safety hazards are recommended to replace them promptly. In addition to proper handbrake adjustments, proper wheel bearing lubrication is also critical. The axles are typically lubricated after driving a motorhome for a year   more than 12,000 miles.

7, RV tires.

Tires play an important role in the driving of cars. Inspection   maintenance of RV tyres   spare tyres prior to travel are essential safety measures. Proper tire pressure is very important for driving motorhomes   tire safety. Check the operating manual frequently to provide information about the tyres. If the rv's tire pressure is insufficient will lead to the motorhome shaking   operating problems, once this problem may cause the RV tire to overheat, which can easily cause tire explosion   other problems. Conversely, excessive tire pressure can also lead to premature tire wear, which can pose a safety hazard for rv driving. At the same time, prolonged ozone UV rays   contamination will result in severe facewear   reduced safety factors on the car's tyres, so it is recommended to change tyres every 3 to 5 years for safety reasons   follow the advice of rvtire dealers   manufacturers.

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