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Battery technology promotion can let the car battery more environmental protection

Recently, the National Development   Reform Commission, the State Energy Administration, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Industry   Information Technology   other eight ministries jointly issued the "guidance on promoting electricity substitution" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion"), clearly in the four key areas, including the field of transportation, to promote electricity substitution projects, which also let the development of China's new energy vehicles in the field of energy has been strongsupport.

Today, the Opinion has made clear the future of China's energy consumption structure based on electricity. At this point, the electric car can be said to be the right direction of development, but whether can run faster   better on this Road, "iron ingon also need their own hard." There has been much debate about whether electric vehicles are really energy-efficient   environmentally friendly. For example, Great Wall Motor Chairman Wei Jianjun recently said that China's power generation mainly rely on coal power, in the energy conversion process, in fact, electric vehicles are   energy-saving   environmentally friendly, electric buses than natural gas buses 10 times more pollution. The recent penalties for Tesla in Singapore also illustrate the practical obstacles that electric cars face on the road to energy conservation   environmental protection. Singapore's government has fined ModelS for its carbon dioxide emissions after it was found to be severely over-standard   deemed it a "non-environmentally friendly model". Although analysts say Tesla's punishment in Singapore is related to the country's mainly fuel-fired   oil-based energy mix. However, it is a fact that electric cars have   been labelled as energy-efficient in Singapore for their own reasons.

Rv battery.

It should be said that the outside world of electric vehicle energy conservation   environmental protection of the doubts   the Singapore government's punishment of Tesla, in addition to the source of electricity itself, there is also an important reason for the electric vehicle 100 kilometers of electricity consumption is too high, that is, electric vehicles per unit energy consumption problem. Previously, the Shanghai municipal government on the use of 100 kilometers of energy consumption is too high as a reason, BYDe6 shut out. Whether   Shanghai's move has a local protection component, it is also true that the e6 sacrifices the energy consumption per unit while increasing the vehicle's range. To some extent, under the premise that the battery is more than energy, to increase the vehicle's mileage, the sacrifice of unit energy consumption seems inevitable, which is the only solution when the abusing enterprises to meet the consumer's demand for mileage.

For our country, the power replacement behind the adjustment of power structure, the realization of clean electric energy needs the country in a considerable period of time to complete, but the increase of battery than energy is the enterprise through technology can make a breakthrough. Only by speeding up the development of power battery-related technologies, improve the battery's energy, reduce the vehicle's power consumption of 100 kilometers, so that the unit energy consumption of electric vehicles to reach a certain standard, in order to make the energy-saving   environmental protection properties of electric vehicles are recognized.

At present, new energy vehicles are entering the era of "electricity", but unfortunately, China does   have a leading edge in the field of power batteries, whether it is rv battery than energy   power battery safety, are behind the world's advanced level,   the domestic power battery field there is still a disorderly competition chaos. Insufficient research   development capacity, backward technology level, market competition chaos,   these aspects, in order to rely on the power battery performance to reduce the unit energy consumption of electric vehicles, China has a lot of work to do,   these are   electric power replacement rationalization can be decided.

In the past two years, in order to guide   standardize the development of the power battery industry   accelerate the upgrading of the technical level of power battery technology, China has issued a series of standards   policies, which make requirements for power battery system capacity, energy, power, efficiency, standard cycle life, operating cycle life   so on. Only in the power battery-based electric vehicle technology level continues to improve, products can better meet market demand,   in the process of power replacement so that new energy vehicles truly realize energy saving   environmental protection, for the development of the industry to find more vitality.

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