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60V 100Ah Power battery  for electric tricycles, four-wheeled vehicles, low-speed vehicles

Model: S60100
Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Spec: 60V100Ah
Colour: Black, or orange or any customized colour

Nominal voltage: 60V

Nominal capacity: 100Ah

Size (mm): 470*310*240

Weight: 60kg

Combination method: 20S1P

Charging method: CC/CP/VP

Charging current: 0.2C (standard)

Maximum charging current: Maximum 1C @ 25℃

Charging cut-off voltage: 73V

Discharge method: CC/CP/VP

Discharge current: 0.5C

Maximum discharge current: Maximum 1C @ 25℃

Discharge cut-off voltage: 54V

Internal resistance: ≤80mΩ

Display: None

Communication interface: Bluetooth

Charging working temperature: charging: 0~ + 50°C

Discharge working temperature: Discharge: -20- + 55°C

Warranty period: 24 months

Scope of application: electric tricycles, low-speed four-wheelers

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